Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekends are for cooking

On the weekends, we like to prepare several dishes that can hold us over during the week when there is less time for cooking. Looking to the radishes, I decided to steam-boil them until tender and serve them with an oven-poached chicken and lima beans. Preparing radishes this way cuts their bite and crunch a good bit. The sauce is a reduction of chicken broth, butter (a lot), and cream with lemon juice. The chicken was simmered and poached with white wine, broth, and an herb bouquet; the limas went into the pot about a half-hour before serving. I normally use homemade chicken broth, but turned to an unsalted version from the store. I simmered it with onions, OPO carrots, and celery.

The Result

The combination of the moist, savory chicken, slightly crisp and spicy radishes, just firm limas, and the tangy & buttery sauce was wonderful! I would use a little less lemon juice next time, and probably keep the broth veggies with the chicken. All-in-all, a solid dish. (Plus plenty of leftovers!)

But, you may ask, what did you do with the remaining broth?

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