Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dinner in quarters

Dinner tonight was catch-as-catch-can. I had plans to make greens and rice, but found we had run out of brown rice. (Evidently, there's an unfinished "sock buddy" somewhere in the house that contains the last two cups.) A little pantry scrounging turned up some Bhutanese Red Rice. This has a very firm texture and a nutty flavor - a short, stocky version of wild rice. 

I steamed the rice with chicken broth leftover from the chicken and radishes. A basket of fresh brussel sprouts, a favorite of our kids, sat above to steam. Sweet Georgia Brown chicken sausage from the Fresh Market added protein. A fine salad of OPO arugula, mizuna, and cucumber, along with romaine, dill, and green pepper appeared, too. 

Tuesday's are perfect evenings for a glass of wine. Tonight, we're having Mad Dogs & Englishmen - a blend of Monatrell, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz: A real find for $12.

Oh, and we had baby raccoons removed (humanely and released) from our attic this afternoon. Waiting for the mom to return, enter the trap, and be reunited with the babies at the conservation area. (Thank you, Mike!)

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