Saturday, October 3, 2009

CSA Week 5

Our friends at Orchard Pond Organics continue to produce a wonderful array of greens. We've begun to realize how differently - and better - we eat when we have several varieties of fresh, dark leaves every week. 

Our share contains:
  • mustard
  • turnip leaves (hmmm, stuffed ham?)
  • okra
  • basil
  • collards 
  • eggs

Our Veggie "Chucker" set to work immediately. It still makes us laugh to watch her enjoy the produce. After looking over the haul, she began to eat the turnip greens. Previously, Chuck had been partial to arugula, so I have wondered whether to prepare the turnip greens in the same way?

Okra. Round 3. We may opt for a "classic" approach: fried okra.

The basil smells wonderful. Perhaps we will have pizza margherita? Maybe we will make homemade ricotta instead and opt for a pasta concoction? 

The eggs have us contemplating quiche.

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