Saturday, January 23, 2010

CSA Week 21

The weather continues to be wild here. Torrential rains two days ago produced widespread flooding. The ground is over-saturated. The nights cold but the days tolerably warm. Not the best weather for farming - especially the kind practiced by our friends at Orchard Pond Organics. Growing up in a rural farming village in the Midwest, I am very sympathetic to their situation: they are committed to producing high-quality, healthy food for a number of people who have agreed to share the risks involved but do also expect to receive fresh produce each week. The hoop-house (greenhouse) was nearly underwater the other day, and the fields too wet to work. Nevertheless, we received another full share this week. Though limited in variety, high on quality. Remarkable work given all the challenges. Thanks, Mary, Steven, Jennifer, Lydia, et al.!

Oh, and we've recently bought several loaves of wonderful bread from Three Sons Bakery through OPO.

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andreaestes said...

Yum! Green soup...we call it Kale soup. You can dice everything small. Add onion, chicken stock, ham bone, 2 cups diced ham, garlic cloves,salt, pepper,chili red pepper flakes, and paprika. Cook for about two hours. Serve with cornbread! I like my broccoli tender crisp so, you might want to throw the broccoli in later. Great site! Welcome to that Foodie BlogRoll!
Andrea from

Pierre said...

hi jim
These veggies are very inspiring and you can do a lot with them !! sucess !!
I am pierre a french foodie ; I have a blog dedicated to french creative cuisine ! come and visit you are welcome door is always open see you !!Pierre

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