Friday, January 15, 2010

Breakfast Monsters

We opt for fun food in our family whenever possible. One of our traditions, initiated by Senior Chef #2, is the "breakfast monster" - an amalgam of sticky, chewy, fruity, nutty items from the pantry and fridge. The beauty of these monsters is that the Junior Chefs are about to make them on their own!

Here were this morning's creations containing:

  • peanuts-only peanut butter
  • tangerines (We are in FL)
  • homemade raspberry jam (Thanks, Papa)
  • raisins

Bowtie Monster (Junior Chef #2)

Imagine the tangerine wedges as the bowtie; the raisins serving as eyes and the nose. 

My favorite aspect of this particular monster is the finger swipe through peanut butter, and the partially eaten tangerine section with seeds. 

Military Monster (Junior Chef #1)

Military monster. Hmmm? This requires a bit more interpretation...and eye squinting. The raisins, I'm told, represent the many soldiers. 

I'm not certain why this theme was chosen. The best part for me were the repeated updates from the kitchen table that the banana - secured by peanut butter - STILL had not fallen. Ah, physics.

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Anonymous said...

It's a military banana I think,and what happend to the banana on the ingredeints.

Jim said...

True. It was a military banana (monster). I left the banana off the list, as well as the apple sauce (thanks, Grandma Anne).

Pam said...

I think they are both AWESOME monsters! (and an awesome dad for facilitating the making of the monsters) :)

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